Wolf 359 (science fiction)
Mini Episode 12: Pagliacci

Communications Specialist Douglas Eiffel considers consequences and responsibilities.

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Mini Episode 11: Decommissioned

Unit 214 is given a second chance to prove her value as a company asset.

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Mini Episode 10: Things That Break Other Things

Daniel Jacobi celebrates an anniversary.

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Mini Episode 9: Greensboro

Air Force Captain Isabel Lovelace faces an unexpected test.

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Mini Episode 8: Language Mapping

Doctor Alana Maxwell tries to solve an irritating problem.

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Mini Episode 7: Rebranding

Doctor Dmitri Volodin gets a visit from a man who wants to know more about his experimental research. 

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Mini Episode 6: Once In a Lifetime

Air Force Lieutenant Renée Minkowski considers an unusual opportunity.

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Episode 37: Overture

When Jacobi repeatedly tries - and fails - to put an additional signal receiver in orbit around Wolf 359, most of the crew writes off the endeavor as a lost cause. However, when the Hephaestus is hit by an unexpected series of stellar flares and the strongest musical transmission to date, they might finally be able to get some hard data on the origin of the deep space signals - if they are able to accomplish that seemingly impossible task. Plus, breakfast burritos, insights from Doug Eiffel, violent decompression, the Death Vortex of Death, and a perfect Sunday afternoon. 

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Episode 36: Fire and Brimstone

An accident leaves Dr. Maxwell in imminent danger and the entire station in a state of emergency. The crew scrambles to mount a rescue, but when Kepler and Minkowski disagree over which is the best way to conduct the operation and which way will get them all killed, long simmering tensions between the current and the former commanders come to a head. Can the fractured crew come together in time to prevent a catastrophe? Plus, towering infernos, strategic advantages, rank insubordination, the crazy train, and a very judicious application of explosives.

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Episode 35: Need to Know

As they struggle with a demanding schedule, an expanding workload, and Colonel Kepler's growing secrecy, tensions amongst the crew members - both old and new - are on the verge of a breaking point. But when a technical glitch gives Minkowski, Lovelace, Hera, Jacobi, and Maxwell a chance to peak behind the curtain, they soon discover they might be in over their heads. Plus, the Dick Dastardly Administration, self-evident statements, basic motor control, pathological fears, and hostile assaults on the senses.

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