Wolf 359 (science fiction)
Episode 41: Memoria

With Hera out of commission, Doctor Maxwell attempts a difficult reconstructive procedure on the unresponsive autopilot program. Before she can even begin, however, she will have to navigate through the shifting landscape of Hera’s memory banks, a task infinitely more complex than it might appear at first glance. Plus, subjective realities, really loud pinball machines, deleted scenes, attempted crew member homicide, and a backdoor into the subconscious.

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Episode 40: Limbo

While most of the crew tries to enjoy a rare moment of downtime, Doctor Maxwell discovers some previously undetected flaws in the station's systems. When her suspicions about these faults are proven right, the crew is forced to have a series of unexpected and difficult conversations. Plus, the Cybermen Appreciation Society, Cold Shower September, the master of the prank, everlasting funstoppers, and a big pink Heffalump that only you can see. 


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Episode 39: All Things Considered

After a technical mishap causes Jacobi's latest experimental gizmo to discharge within the Urania, a number of the SI-5's personal items are vented into space. A furious Colonel Kepler assembles everyone who was involved, hell bent on determining which of his underlings is at fault. But when Minkowski, Jacobi, and Eiffel each present wildly different accounts of the event, he and Captain Lovelace discover that determining the why, the how, the when, and the who is responsible for this snafu might be trickier than it first appears. Plus, willful destruction of property, outright libel, Thunderdome, excellent opportunities for science, and Exit 101.

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Episode 38: Happy Endings

Preparations are underway to deal with the next contact anomaly from Wolf 359. But the old crew of the Hephaestus is still unsure what preparations they should make to deal with Colonel Kepler and his team, and the divide in strategies is only getting sharper. Hoping to bring an end to the standstill, Dr. Hilbert decides to try a more radical approach, and seek help from an unlikely source. Plus, the Midnight Society, botanical incidents, inane military mantras, perfectly equitable solutions, and a little Easter Egg.

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Mini Episode 13: Kansas

Captain Warren Kepler undergoes an evaluation.

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Mini Episode 12: Pagliacci

Communications Specialist Douglas Eiffel considers consequences and responsibilities.

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Mini Episode 11: Decommissioned

Unit 214 is given a second chance to prove her value as a company asset.

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Mini Episode 10: Things That Break Other Things

Daniel Jacobi celebrates an anniversary.

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Mini Episode 9: Greensboro

Air Force Captain Isabel Lovelace faces an unexpected test.

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Mini Episode 8: Language Mapping

Doctor Alana Maxwell tries to solve an irritating problem.

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